Renegades of Gor

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Das Buch Renegades of Gor ist der dreiundzwanzigste Band der Chronicles of Counter-Earth von John Norman. Die deutsche Übersetzung ist Die Verräter von Gor vom Heyne-Verlag.


  1. The Road; The Slave
  2. The Court; Chained Women
  3. The Inn
  4. The Baths
  5. The Paga Room; I Stop At The Keeper's Desk
  6. Some Things Which Occurred One Night At The Crooked Tarn
  7. The Attendant
  8. I Take My Leave Of The Crooked Tarn
  9. The Camp Of Cos
  10. The Trenches; The Wall
  11. Aemilianus
  12. The Cell; The Spy
  13. Food
  14. Morning
  15. We Leave The Cell
  16. I Assume Command
  17. Battle: We Will Withdraw To The Landing
  18. The Landing
  19. The Walkway
  20. The Piers
  21. The River
  22. Publia, Slave
  23. Claudia, Slave
  24. Port Cos



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